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The Dining Cube

Designed with small space living in mind this 18"x18"x18" transforming cube is compact with flush, fold out table top leaves and four hidden stools. This functional prototype is made from plywood and has a vinyl surface treatment.

18" x 18" x 18" Box Project

This functional prototype was made in response to the ‘Box Project’ prompt, where students focused on visual language, action and were restricted to these dimensions. Personally, I saw this opportunity to design something for my small Brooklyn student apartment. With four roommates and limited space I had realized I hadn’t eaten a meal at home, at a table in over a year. While being a multipurpose cube in your living space when not active, Poached opens up to allow everyone in the house to sit at a table. 

When compact Poached is not a clearly defined object that’s why the colors and forms help tell the user to interact with it in specific areas. The directional form of the table leaves, peaking colors from under and exterior hinges create visual language that points the user to open up the flaps to reveal a table top doubled in size. By cutting the corners off of the stools it opens up the space, not only eliminating sharp edges but guide the user to grab and interact with the side panels, revealing four stools. 



I chose to use SOSS hinges that allow Poached to keep a flat table top, not interrupting the user when it is fully expanded. I also used a simple kaleidoscopic center, secured by bolts and butterfly nuts for an easy proof of concept of the rising table top. This whole project is made out of 1/2” pine plywood coated in acrylic paint and adhesive vinyl sheets. 

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