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Mart Cart

Outdoor Retail

Designed for outdoor retail markets, MartCart is for small businesses, vendors and open-air retail in a post pandemic reality. Providing designated work space, for vendors. As well as many options for display set ups by using a peg wall system and storage space.



I focused on designing a small cart that could be used for trade shows, farmers market,  or flea markets. I wanted to leave the idea open to hold multiple different types of goods sold by independent vendors. Outdoor retail such as farmers markets, should be seen as an opportunity to help people shop safely during this pandemic. They can hold a vital economic role, as they support neighborhood communities and small businesses.

After experimenting with different line studies to create different types of surfaces I made my decision on the current form and did some models as well as full scale drawings. I went into ideation with using bent metal tube in mind. Inspired by Eileen gray furniture, seeing how I could incorporate that form and simplicity into a mobility piece. I took a look at different types of wheelbarrows and mobil cart for libraries and gardening as well. 


Customizable Features

I wanted to keep the inner storage versatile as well as customizable. I decided to illustrate avery simple inner box structure that provides room for crate storage as well as display. Two walls be- ing pegboard create options to change shelves and accessories based on items being sold and storage needed.



A flange clamps onto the tube to connect the back peg board. This partis attached seamlessly to the underside of the main wooden surfaces. It has the option be used for other types of added verticals as well such as sun and weather protection.

The connector that attachs the tube frame to the wooden surfaces was designed in a collaboration with a fellow student using a 3-D printed die press to form the sheet-metal to a custom curve that exactly fit around around the 1 inch tube then tapers in to clamp the 3/4 inch plywood.
I connected four wheels to the frame for strength and mobility. Two casters that fit into this miter joint tube that was filled with rod and tapped for a threaded connection. As well as two wheels connected by an axle. I designed and shaped this boomerang connector to be able to connect the axle to the round frame.



Bending the tube was a long, strenuous but important part of this process. I used a hand cranked tube bender in the mental shop. Compar- ing my bends to have a full scale drawing, I had to make two symmetrical sides and weld multiple sections together. The biggest challenge was mea- suring the precise angle as well as length before and after each bend. Due to the tube altering when creating the radius it was physical and challenging work and challenging work​.

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