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Kip Rivera

Obsessively observing and analyzing the world around me to produce better forms and functions.

Passionate about optimizing the human experience while creating products that are an expression of the users personality. Furniture and home goods are a great example of the mix of functionality and personality I like to research. Problem solving is at the root of my curiosity as well as my fascination with what objects we surround ourselves with, especially in our personal spaces, and why. I want to design how can improve our objects to ultimately improve our spaces.



Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, NY



Philadelphia, PA


Conair LLC

Stamford, CT


Pratt Wood Shop

Brooklyn, NY


ZED Custom Arts

Richmond, VA

Summer 2018

JAX Media

Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2019

Jason Krugman Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2017


Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Graduated with Presidential Honors

Installation Design

Problem solving logistics of implementing large scale sculptures in a interactive art exhibition

Junior Industrial Designer 

Using CAD, 3D printing and concept rendering to create new beauty and grooming tools 

Wood Shop Monitor

In charge of the maintenance and ordination of the shops tool and machines while assisting first year student learn skills and safety 

Antique Dealer Assistant 

Assisting in the identification, purchasing, refurbishing and selling of a variety of antique objects and furniture

Art Department Intern

Part of the props team on the film set of Comedy Central's Broad City season 5 

Assisting Modular Lighting Designer

Helping with studio logistics, media and wiring an experimental lighting figures

Textile Design Intern

Learning produce hand dyed silk cloth and assisting in studio maintenance 


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